Few and Far’s 5th Anniversary Block Party

Few and Far began 5 years ago when Meme, their founder, organized a massive mural project bringing together a group of women to paint a wall in Oakland. Since then, they have continued to paint collaborative murals and host events to empower women to paint and skate on the streets!Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 1.26.28 PM

“Few and Far is an assemblage of women who beautify the streets.  In a shared commitment to creativity, education and social justice we draw, paint, skateboard and teach all over the globe.” (excerpt from their website)

Collective member DJ Agana invited us to set up a booth to share our book with the Sacramento community and to watch these amazing women paint!

IMG_1053                                                                  (Mural in progress, painted by Agana)

We arrived on the second day of their three day project. They had primed the wall a bright blue and it was ready for the artists to begin their individual pieces.

Throughout the morning, artists arrived from Florida, Nepal, the Bay Area to name a few and started to paint. Primarily they were using aerosols but some used bucket paint or markers. One artist sketched her piece in charcoal before she began painting.

IMG_1023(Left: Diety’s charcoal sketch, Center: Imagine redefines the Nepali Alphabet, Right: Sheva’s guidelines)

The theme for the day was India. During the welcome blessing, Meme mentioned that Sacramento has a large population of people from India but not one mural dedicated to this rich and dynamic culture. After this weekend that will no longer be true!IMG_1049(Mural in progress, painted by Ursula X Young)

The best part of the day was watching these incredible women paint. As an aspiring muralist, to watch their creative process was inspiring to say the least.

IMG_1031 (Left: Money paints. Right: LaMakina150 Paints)

IMG_1027 (1) (ITSY Paints)IMG_1033 (Imagine contemplates her next move)

We also had the pleasure of seeing a new friend, Les, who was wearing earrings made by LikMi, a women featured in our book. They are both from Bogotá, Colombia. She painted a beautiful and colorful elephant for the mural. Photo below in progress.



Despite hot temperatures and no shade these women worked well into the night and finished their murals the following day. I had to leave before seeing the finished mural but check out their facebook page for updates and photos of the complete mural.







Author: artesinmiedo

This blog is about female street artists around the world. It's based on the book Women Street Artists of Latin America: Art without Fear/ Grafiteras y Muralistas de América Latina: Arte sin Miedo, a bilingual art book published by Manic D Press.

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