Mendocino Event Report

We’d like to say a huge thank you to FlockWorks and Gallery Books in Mendocino, CA for hosting our event this past Thursday.

We had a small but interested group of women artists. A few painters, a bookseller and a women who works with paper!


We put aside our prepared presentation, a step by step breakdown of the creative process behind making our book, and opted for a storytelling session about the adventures Rachel and I had traveling in Latin America meeting the women street artists in our book. (like the 7 day bus trip we took from Cusco, Peru to Cartagena, Colombia or the time we went looking for work trade passage to Panama and tried to talk our way onto an ocean liner)

We passed around some items from the Art without Fear archives. Including a notebook from our initial crowdfunding campaign and the homemade rolodex I created to keep track of publishing houses we were querying while on the road in areas with no wifi.


Our presentation was a part of a month long program dedicated to celebrating letters, words and books!

Thank you Mendocino!


xoxo – lauren


Author: artesinmiedo

This blog is about female street artists around the world. It's based on the book Women Street Artists of Latin America: Art without Fear/ Grafiteras y Muralistas de América Latina: Arte sin Miedo, a bilingual art book published by Manic D Press.

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